lördag 15 juni 2013

Nu är jag klar med min fjärde tröja med Blixten. Jag tycker att den blev ganska bra med svart bottenfärg, man ser honom lite klarare. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. I just showed this to my little man and the ONLY thing he did was open his eyes WIDE and look at it, pat his chest, and say "WANT DAT!"

    He really does love it, he turns for at the end of July and LOVES cars....but what is the greatest is that this little guy has something wrong that they haven't found a diagnosis for yet, and he can't speak well. He says only a few words that we can understand, so him saying 'want dat' and then later showing his big sister and saying "mamma, car, cool" is a big thing :)

    Do you sell these, or are they just for friends and family? I can't knit in multi-color yet, still learning :)

  2. Åh vilken fin,snyggt med svart botten
    tack för komentaren på min blogg
    ska leta fram beskrivningen på hönorna och skicka den t dej